So, What Is Really Going On Is…

We all want to do well. We also want others to do well. When both aspirations’ paths go in the same direction, then it is brilliant, and all seems perfect. Sometimes, though, paths that seemed to go in the same direction cross each other in a non-positive manner. One may be tempted to accept some […]

Vote for Me (Blah Blah Blah): A Song on the Electorate-Elected Dance

As you all know, it is not the role of the Contemplationist to comment on political ideology. It is really not something for us. As a Contemplationist, though, reflecting on the impact the last few weeks will have on the short-term future is something fascinating. The current 12 to 17-year-olds will inherit the world in […]

I Have No Idea Why I Did It, but It Was the Right Choice!

Are Your Choices Really Yours? The Subconscious Influences on Our Decisions Pricing a service or a good is an arduous job. You do not want to charge too much, but you also do not want to undervalue your offering. I read in a book on value services that the best way to achieve the best […]

Adversity as Constructive Force

As mostly all of us do, I invested my time in a lot of things, possibilities, opportunities, options of deals with great outcome, companies, projects reviews, technicalities and so on. It all seemed a winning horse at the time and off course worth my time. A lot of the time invested did not turn into […]

03 – It Will Happen to You! How Paddy Lowe deals with the Unexpected and Disappointment

This Contemplationist Insight episode looks at the learnings on how to deal with the unexpected and associated disappointments. Guest: Paddy Lowe, from F1 to business extraordinaire: tactics to deal with disappointment. The Contemplationist Insight – Your go-to source for insights, introspection sparkles and life/business inspiration. A Simon Vumbaca Podcast. SUBSCRIBE!

The Real Impact of Technologies: A Television Interview with Simon Vumbaca, The Contemplationist.

Renowned Contemplationist and technology ethics expert Simon Vumbaca was recently interviewed on the Italian television program FvgTech, hosted by Gabriele Gobbo. The interview focused on Simon Vumbaca’s unique perspective on emerging technologies and their cultural and sociological impact on personal development, businesses, life and they overall come to shape the future of our interactions. Simon […]

Money Is Not an Object… Anymore

In business and in life, we like to feel informed. I must confess that since 2008 the degree of business and financial information available and gathered has been growing exponentially. We now have on-the-spot updates and financial predictions that are delivered with such convincing aplomb that we believe they must be accurate and based on […]

02 – Return on Time Invested

This Contemplationist Insight episode explores the importance of understanding the time we invest in doing things and what return to expect. Started as a new year resolution this reflection focuses on the abstract and malleability of time as perceived when focused in business, life or generally. The Contemplationist Insight – Your go-to source for insights, […]

01 – The Maze of Decision making: instinctive or rational? What works best?

This Contemplationist Insight episode explores the difference between instinctive and rational decision making, to reach its own conclusions. How not to get stuck in the analysis paralysis paradigm. The Contemplationist Insight – Your go-to source for insights, introspection sparkles and life/business inspiration. A Simon Vumbaca Podcast. SUBSCRIBE!

Fluid Strategy

I am often asked: what is Strategy? I used to use long and detailed explanations that covered all sorts of possible objections the listener had never even thought of, taking the more ‘detailed’ route of strategy of my own in anticipating their reactions. However, in recent years, the more experiences I had the more I […]

Ask Yourself These Three Powerful Questions – And Do Nothing

I was recently looking for some information to help a client that had grown so fast since first trading to see where things were being delayed in the implementation of his strategy. To any neutral observer it was clear: daily tasks micro-management was taking over the execution of the agreed strategy. The client was frustrated […]

Rational or Instinctive Decisions: Which Works Better?

The time to make a decision is the most nerve-wracking moment for any decision maker. The list of the “what ifs” is never-ending. Assuming the information we have is accurate, have we really covered all the angles that matter? The list goes on. The reality is that one is rarely in possession of 100% of […]

Return on Time Invested

According to western traditions, we are at the start of a new year. This is a time when all resolutions are forged in purposes and actions. Most for a short while. We focus on what is ahead. Have we learned from the recent past though? For me 2023 has been a fantastic year by many […]

The importance of accurate designation: Process vs Purpose

Recently I have been blessed by the opportunity to be a speaker at several tech conferences and even to be interviewed by tech futurist experts. They all had incredibly solid vision, almost to a certainty rarely seen before, of the evolution of technologies and how, with the push of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) all has become […]

When Self Doubt Knock – Don’t Open the Door”

Today I was in Town and managed to catch up with a friend. This was an impromptu meeting. By many accounts my friend is a very successful businessman in his own right with a massive set of skills and an even longer list of achievements. He brilliantly sold his business not long ago and after […]

If you stay the same, how can you expect things to change?

One of the beauties of growing old is that things are put into perspective. There is a tendency to look back at what was done, particularly when selective memory is applied and we tend to remember the good stuff and forget the bad, unless it was really painful. Talking to my friend of many years, […]

Shall we burry our head in the Sand and pretend all is well

Waking up every morning to news readers telling us how the basic services the state is supposed to deliver are not working and are losing money. Then you hear about how corporations are driving production prices down via their competitive processes, leaving the producers exposes and with losses, particularly if anything is amended in the […]